My natural hair is Dry and Brittle! Help

by Freshmoist Pty on Dec 17, 2021

My natural hair is Dry and Brittle! Help

Dryness is definitely a big concern in natural hair community. Due to afro hair curl pattern, the natural oils that our scalps produce don't often reach our hair shaft as easily in compare to persons with straight hair.

In addition, there are people whose scalp don’t generate enough natural oil or sebum, and this leads to dry scalp and hair.


before and after shedding hair

What do I do?

Daily oiling of your hair and scalp is crucial, especially with light weight oil to produce hydration, restore moisture, and protect your hair.

How to use it?

You only need few drops of the oil directly to your scalp and massage to unto the hair.

Part hair into sections, (be sure not to apply too much to avoid oil running down your face and neck), Massage gently with finger tips. Also, the hair oil can be applied to your scalp even when your hair is in cornrows, braids or any other protective hairstyle.

Recommended Product –

 Freshmoist Repairing Hair Oil- as a daily moisturiser.

repairing hair oil

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