Protect your hair!

by Freshmoist Pty on Dec 26, 2021

Protect your hair!
heat styling hair

Here is the truth, we are most worried about heat styling on our hair because it causes some damage to the hair.

Hence, the heat of the sun, the UV radiation can cause the worst damage to the hair. The dry and hot winds take away all the moisture from our skin, scalp, and hair and make them look lifeless and burnt.

It can also cause discoloration, which will be evident in colored or bleached hair.

How Does Hair Damage Happen?
Healthy hair strands are smooth and flat, along the hair follicle or strand, are cuticles that lie in overlapping layers.

Excessive heat is one of the main causes of hair follicle damage. Exposing your naked hair to direct heat without protection opens up or dries out the hair, leading to damage.


1) Good news! Yes, you can protect your hair from the sun and the heat tools.
We recommend keeping your hair moisturised, using Heat Protection, and avoiding breakage from tight plaiting or braids to resist the elements that may damage your hair

2) Do Heat Protectants Work?

Yes, Heat Protectants can protect your hair if you use them as recommended every single time you style with heat.
By nature, heating tools force your hair into an unnatural state.
Hairdryers and heating tools are developed to get your hair to look the way you want, not the way the hair should look, naturally.
This can take a toll on your hair, If you use curling, flat irons, or hair dryer often, without using protectant products which can help prevent the damage.

Using hair protectants as protection can preserve the hair from damage heat tools caused by working as a barrier between the cuticles and the heat.

Using a heat protection cream, serum, or gel can reduce or prevent the damage, but we highly recommend that you do your research on the products before you purchase.
It is summer! Use your “hair sunscreen” before playing in the sun.

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